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Thank you for making such a difference in our whole Real Estate experience.  We were excited and nervous at the same time, and you made the whole process go smoothly and successfully.  We love the new home we got !

James M

Hi Georgette !

We wanted to thank you for all of your  hard work  to get our home.  I didn’t think we would get it since their were 3 other offers and you helped us prepare an offer that stood out from the others.  Thank you Thank you Thank you.

Good morning Georgette,

Robert and I want to say thank you for making our dream come true !  We love our new place and I know it took a long time, but you never gave up on us.  We had a long list of criteria and you made sure to search for a home that had all of what we wanted.  We’ll probably  be here for the next 50 years !

Matt Davies


Thank you for all of your hard work to find us a perfect home again.  This is the second time in 7 years and I’m always greatful for everything you do.   You really make a difference.


Dear Georgette,

We would like to thank you for all of your hard work and efforts on our old and new place.  You are the bomb !



Thank you for all of your help and kindness in finding us a place in HB.  We love our new place !



We are very appreciative for everything you have done.  If it wasn’t for you we would not live in our awesome place.  We would love to have you over for dinner.  We are having a blast working on it.  I will be giving your card to a friend of mine.  He lives close by and he’s looking for a place.  I know you can help him out.  Thank you so much.

Love and God Bless



Thanks again for all of your hard work in selling our place in such a short amount of time.  We’re loving the new area and home !  Hope all is well with you.

Ray + Bridget

Dear Georgette,

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us with this sale.  We commend your professionalism and positive attitude in a very tense time in our lives.  We wish you peace and every joy that life can bring.

God Bless,

Barry & Julie


It’s hard to put into words how much we love and appreciate your guidance and expertise and care, and now friendship forever !!!

Love Jennie